Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Team Stacy

This morning I got a little company for my seed starting. Sarah and I rose at 5:20 and worked together on our little project. She did flowers. I did veggies. I even invited Aimee Mann and Norah Jones into my Pandora music mix to make her stay:) Here is what we did...

  1. 40 black plum romas (shumway 2008 seeds)
  2. 18 bell pepper carnival mix (burpee 2007 seeds) - don't save these - likely hybrid
  3. 12 grape tomatoes (origin unknown) These are seeds we saved from last year
  4. 6 brocolli (shumway 2009)
  5. 12 serano chili peppers (2007 ferry morse) - don't save these - likely hybrid. I think these are the ones that made our wonderful pickled hot peppers last year.
  6. 12 california sweet bell peppers (shumway 2008) - these are our main pepper crop. The ones that are supposed to get huge and red, but always end up green and small.
I also covered the entire cold frame to prep it for a weekend of seed planting and hardening off of various seedlings. I just ended up doing something pretty low tech - stretching plastic over the whole thing and holding it down with weights at one end and wood lath and screws at the other end. I reassembled a little seed starting shelf for one of our south facing windows to accomodate our expanded flats. The one that I had orginally built used termite infested wood scraps from our now defunct carport. Termites in the house - nice job Chad!

Sarah started...

  1. 25 coleus (target 2009)
  2. 6 strawflower (shumway 2009)
  3. 6 sweet basil (burpee 2007)
  4. 12 cilantro (saved from last year - origin unknown)
  5. 2 cleome (saved from Ryan and Kate - origin unknown)

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