Thursday, March 12, 2009

cooling off

It is 28 degrees at 5:30 am. High supposed to be in the mid 30s today. Both cold frames yesterday were at 60 when I came home from work. There are some little seedlings popping up in the cold frames, but so far nothing can be confirmed as a seed. Most of them look like weeds. It is possible that I saw two radish seedlings appear in a patch that I sowed outside on 2/26. I'll confirm later. While the cold frames have kept stuff alive (for the most part), things certainly aren't moving quickly inside of those mini greenhouses. All the seedlings that I planted look basically the same as the day I planted them. There isn't a whole lot of distinguishable new growth - and no new seeds. I think the real value of a cold frame is in extending the harvest in the fall and winter by covering already mature plants. Perhaps I need to lower my expectations from the late winter/early spring plantings.

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