Sunday, March 1, 2009

Square foot garden

Here is a photo of my son Quinn standing next to my 4 ft by 6 ft square foot garden. I planted this on 2/28 and covered it with plastic to form a mini cold-frame. This is what I planted.

  1. Early Garden Peas (soaked and innoculized) 8 squares
  2. Spinach seedlings - started indoors mid Jan - one square 9 seedlings
  3. Romaine seedlings - started indoors mid Jan - one square 4 seedlings
  4. Red cabbage seedlings - 6 squares - 6 seedlings total
  5. Onions - started from seed mid jan - two squares - 32 total
  6. Carrot seeds - Early Nantes - 16 seeds
  7. Buttercrunch lettuce seeds - 2 squares - 5 seeds in each - 10 total
  8. Green onion seeds - one square - 16 seeds
  9. Spinach seeds - one square - 9 seeds
  10. Beet seeds - one square 9 seeds
I know it is way, way early to be starting stuff outside. I know all this stuff will either die or not germinate. But I just couldn't help it. I spent all winter reading books about 4 season harvests, and extending the season, and I just got a little frisky. The great thing about the sq foot garden approach is that it is very easy to turn into a nice little cold frame. Yesterday my sq foot cold frame got up to 70 degrees on a 30 degree day. At night it is getting into the high 20s. Let's see how long this stuff lives.

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