Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Foggy Bottom Boys

Besides being the single best name of a band in the history of the world, that title does a pretty good job of describing this morning. It is about 35 with a heavy, heavy fog. You feel it when you breathe. I have had a flat of broccoli and lettuce hardening off in the traditional cold frame for about a week. This morning I decided to plant some of it. I removed some old, spent kale, worked the soil with my deep tined fork (best gardening tool ever invented), added about 4 buckets of compost and a scoop of bone meal. Then I planted 15 broccoli and about 10 buttercrunch lettuce. The broc are about 12 inches apart and the lettuce I just scattered in between. These seedlings were started indoors 2/24. They are about 3 inches tall. The roots were good - full, but not yet being hampered by the small six packs. I watered them with compost tea.

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  1. I had absolutely no luck with broccoli last year. They got tall and leggy and never got any florets. I just gave up for this year and am planting cucumbers instead. Farmer's markets!