Thursday, March 19, 2009


That little green thing in the center of this photo is our first pea. I saw about 4 of them popping up in the square foot cold frame this morning. These were planted on 2/28. That is 19 days to sprout. Last year I planted our first peas on 3/20 and noticed the first sprout on 4/11 (22 days). So we are almost a full month earlier to first sprout. Hopefully that will translate into a full month more of tasty peas - one of our favorite garden vegetables. I also noticed beets popping up in the sq foot garden cold frame. These seeds were planted on 3/1, so 18 days for them. Radishes are popping up everywhere - including several places in our sun garden. This is the first growth in the sun garden. Now that we have peas coming up, I may do another small planting of them this weekend. I also need to establish some sort of climbing apparatus for them. The broccoli and lettuce I transplanted yesterday seems to have survived the heat (70 and sunny yesterday) and is doing fairly well. It rained last night, but not much - the rain barrels are still only about 1/3 full.

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