Monday, March 9, 2009

Sinatra and Seeds

Thanks to the time change, I had a couple quiet hours this morning. I turned Pandora to Frank Sinatra, brewed a big pot of coffee, and started a few seeds indoors. Ryan and Kate, our seed exchange partners gave us some really unique seeds and I was excited to get those started. They order from Seed Savers Exchange, which I have always wanted to try. Their stuff is very unique and none of the seeds are hybrids, so all the seeds can be saved from year to year. Here is what I started this morning...
  1. 4 Moulin Rouge sunflowers - from seed savers - 4 inch pot
  2. 4 Grey Strip sunflowers - from shumway - 4 inch pot
  3. 4 Traditional sunflowers - shumway - 4 inch pot
  4. 4 Leeks - seed savers - 4 inch pot
  5. 48 yellow onions - shumway - 6 packs
  6. 24 lettuce mix - seed savers - 6 packs - I don't have the catalog at my fingertips, but this is a variety mix of seeds from seed savers. The photos of these are wonderful - lots of reds and mixed green and red color variations. Some are leaf and some are head. I will check the catalog later and post the actual varieties. These will offer quite a change from my old standby romaine and buttercrunch.
  7. 6 swiss chard - seed savers - 6 pack. This variety has a bunch of color. Sarah reminded me that Carter absolutely loves Swiss Chard. I am most excited about a fall planting of this in the cold frame to take us through the winter.
  8. 6 California Bell peppers - shumway - 6 pack
  9. 6 Sheboygen Tomatoes - seed savers - 6 pack. These are supposed to be good for hanging baskets.
  10. 6 Silver fir Tomatoes - seed savers - 6 pack. Also good for hanging baskets.

It was 40 outside and the wind was whipping. I covered the cold frames mostly for wind protection.

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