Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rain Barrels and Seed exchange

I pulled another barrel out of the river today. This one had washed up on shore at Dori and Laci's house. It is a pretty nice clean blue one. I am also delivering a finished barrel to a friend of mine - Ryan. We are having a little seed exchange party later this afternoon.

I brainstormed some rain barrel strategies with Laci and Sarah this morning. I think the next spigot strategy I am going to try is a 3/4 inch pvc spigot, secured with pvc cement. Laci thinks that the barrels are made from pvc and that the cement will "melt" the spigot and the barrel together. I also want to step up to a 3/4 inch spigot to speed up the water delivery. It takes a long time to fill a watering can with the 1/2 inch spigots.

I am out of PVC cement, and Home Depot (basically the worst store in the world) didn't have any PVC spigots. So instead of the plan I want to try above, I just caulked the heck out of them with silicone and screwed the metal spigots back in. Two of the barrels I am cautiously optimistic will work without leaking. The other two don't have a prayer. The holes in those two are just not clean enough. I need to try something different with those if I want them to work without leaking. I now have two active 60 gallon barrels, which are about 1/2 full with water. I have another ready to go (sun garden), but I need to cut the downspout and install the water saver to activate it. I'll try to go to Eilers tonight and grab some PVC spigots and PVC cleaner and PVC cement. I should also get a matching 3/4 inch drill bit. I have not been able to get clean holes with the jigsaw.

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