Friday, April 24, 2009


I was sick all week and weekend too. But I did manage to do a little work in the yard...

1. Seeded approx 4 rows of lettuce - mesculan, romain, and buttercrunch
2. Planted 7 tomato seedlings in the sun garden - two grape, two silver fir, three early bird garden - these I am covering at night with cloches made from 1 gallon milk jugs sliced in half.
3. weeded and composted the sq foot garden #1. Added several seeds of various, wherever some were missing.
4. Seeded three rows of carrots in the sun garden (root plot)
5. Seeded three rows of corn in the lower wall garden
6. Seeded approx 1/3 sun garden plot of peas
7. Transplanted three silver fir tomato seedlings to pots - two hanging.


  1. my dad feels nervous that you have these things outside before dogwood winter, which he tells me will begin next week and bring frost. he bases this off amish lore and the farmers almanac, but is shockingly often correct about weather...

  2. tell your dad not to worry. I have 50 more seedlings inside just in case. I have been known to sacrifice a seedling or two.