Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 am garden work

We are literally minutes away from spending a couple days in the hospital harvesting the baby seed we planted 9 months ago, so work has been heavy and sleep has been light. This morning I woke up (with a little help from Sarah) at 4 am. I decided to spend this cold, foggy morning in the garden. I started several seeds way too early. Now that we are supposedly past the last hard frost of the year, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plant some of these leggy, crummy seedlings and hope for a miracle.
  1. Rhubarb - I planted about 10 of these. At one time about a month ago these were one of my indoor seed starting success stories. Now they are just barely alive. I put 4 in their permanent bed on the north west side of the house "blueberry garden". I hope that at least one survives. I planted the remaining 6 in a temporary location in the cherry tree garden - for future transplanting. NOTE FOR NEXT YEAR - I don't feel like looking it up now, but whenever I started these seeds this year was probably about 2 full months too early.
  2. Sunflowers - We started these as seeds about three weeks ago as a church nursery project with the kids. They shot up fast. I have had a couple in pots outside for the last week or so, and while they aren't thriving (they are kind of leaning over), they aren't dead yet either. So I decided to plant the rest this morning. I put about 10 in the ground. I planted 7 at the base of our first wall along the alley. This section is historically a weed festival, but we have been trying to convert it to something at least manageable. We have transplanted lots of pacasandra, and dafadils over the last two years. We also have tried to get rhodadendron seedlings to take in this section with mixed success. I added these sunflower to the very front section hoping to add some sparkle to the folks driving up Center avenue. The three other sunflower I planted in the sun garden at the end of my garden paths.
  3. Geraniums - much like the rhubarb, I was very proud of these geraniums about 2 months ago. Now they just make me sad to look at. I planted three of them next to the sunflower in the sun garden.
I also seeded a couple rows of buttercrunch lettuce this morning in the traditional cold frame. It has been a while since I have sowed lettuce.

This morning photos are of cold frame lettuce and brocolli and our asparagus patch. Mom if you are reading this - you will be eating some of this soon!

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