Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow in April?

We got some overnight snow last night and it continued on into the morning. This photo and video show our backyard and major veggie garden (we call it the sun-garden). In the snow you can really see the raised beds and garden paths. It isn't ridiculously cold this morning and it is neat to see the flowers standing tall with snow on their petals.

Another meal of kale, and asparagus last night. We are harvesting something just about every other day now. The asparagus is wonderful. We have swallowed approx 25 spears so far. About half of them are big fatties and the other half are a little skinny. I was reading about aspargus last night, and it sounds like I should keep my asparagus harvest to a little more than a month (a least on the skinny ones) to give them another year to thicken up. I was super, super aggressive with the spacing of my aspargus bed. I was unwilling to sacrifice the 4-5ft between rows that the books recommend, so I planted them tight - probably 12-18 inches diameter between root plantings. Because of that bold move, I intend to make sure that these roots are always first on the list for a thick layer of compost. I read an interesting strategy for extending the asparagus harvest season into the fall. This book says you should harvest 1/2 your bed in the spring, and let the other 1/2 grow into ferns without harvesting it. Then in September you snip all the ferns off of the unharvested section. The book said this section will regrow, allowing a fall harvest. It is said to be a super sweet harvest with the cold night air giving it the sweetness. I don't think I have a large enough bed to try this, but maybe after we tear out the driveway we will expand our bed.

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