Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Salads and Pizza

4th salad of the year tonight - Asparagus, spinach, and beet leaf pizza! Harvest season is in full swing.

Besides the bountiful harvest, I just did a few garden odds and ends tonight as the sun set over the river. I filled in some empty squares with lettuce seedlings and seeds, planted about 20 seed savers variety lettuce seeds in the chimney garden, and moved some garlic around.

Still no sign of pepper seeds sprouting, and I'm a little disappointed with the lack of carrots to date as well. Only the carrots started indoors in the pots have sprouted - "as soon as soil can be worked" - yeah right. Anyway - seeds are cheap. I'll try some more this weekend.

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  1. We were going to plant in our cold frame last Saturday but a flat tire on the car and cold winds in the valley put our plans on hold. Besides, it snowed yesterday and the high today was only 45 so I think we need to stay indoors, both us and the seeds.