Saturday, March 31, 2012

I missed this

Life has a way of prioritizing things for you. Sometimes gardens and garden blogs just aren't top priority. That has been the case for me for the last couple of years. On July 1st 2010 we picked up our family of 6 and moved from Western Pennsylvania to the Central Coast of California. We traded in our lovely stone house, 16 garden beds, 7 rain barrels, and two ridiculously large compost piles for a rental property with a lot of grass on a high school campus. Who needs 450 pounds of home grown vegetables when you all of a sudden have a school dining hall feeding you every night? How the heck can I learn to garden in a rain resistant zone 9? Where will we find the time? How can I possibly garden without my trusty truck? Why garden at all?

Because I love it!

The Pittsburgh Garden Journal is now the Los Olivos Garden Journal. The Stacy's are back in the yard again. Talk to you soon.

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