Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25th harvest

We are harvesting peas, broccoli, leeks and strawberries regularly. Yesterday we harvested enough strawberries for the whole family to share a nice desert of strawberries mixed with sour cream and sugar. It was delicious. I spent considerable time the last two days removing weeds and vines from the driveway area and converting that into a perennial flower garden. It looks really nice. We have also been having some fun cooking with leeks. This was our first time planting leeks. We have harvested 5 so far. They are really an attractive plant with a nice mild flavor and are easy to use in place of onions in a lot of dishes. We had leeks and roasted potatoes as a side dish with spinach scrambled eggs yesterday. I also made a nice potato, leek, taragon soup, which has been a family favorite.

I planted the lower wall and upper wall gardens last week. In the lower wall garden, I mixed zucchini, corn, and pole beens. Check out this link for an interesting discussion of this interplanting practice http://www.reneesgarden.com/articles/3sisters.html. With less than a month remaining here in Pittsburgh, this will be a harvest for someone else to enjoy. But I enjoyed planting it and will gladly watch it grow until the day we move. In the upper wall garden I planted 5 mounds of cantaloupe.

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