Friday, March 12, 2010

Peas are up

March 11th and the peas just started poking through the soil in the sun garden. They were planted November 24th of last year and have spent the winter covered under over two feet of snow. In fact there is still some snow on the ground in other parts of the yard. Looking back to last year's journal this is an 8 day improvement over the first pea sprouts from last year.

I also harvested about 3 pounds of carrots. I wasn't sure how these would look after being buried in snow all winter long, but they look pretty good.

This is going to be a strange garden year as we are moving to California in mid June. We will harvest very little of what we plant this year. Our bounty will be enjoyed by the lucky new owners of this house. I still intend to plant it up full, but I don't think I'll be quite as interested in the process this year. The journal this year will likely take the form of a reference source for the new owners to know just where and when stuff was planted.

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